08.05.2014 в 18:19
Пишет eclipse21:

Это так прекрасно, что я не могу молчать!
Myth As Object by Cameron Stalheim

"and then I saw Colby on the Street and my fantasy died" 2014

"I am questioning how people interact. Has sexuality become the basis of identity? Does shame and resentment associated with one’s youth create a fantasy of our expectations in connecting (and objectifying) with others and what role we play in those connections (or objectifications)? "

"Stemming from my experience as a gay male from the Midwest and transitioning into the gay culture of the east coast, this sculpture, the first in a new series of work, questions the relationship between fantasy, reality and the objectification that happens in between."

Casting gay porn star Colby Keller’s body in silicone for a monumental sculpture, Stalheim created this mythical beast for his MFA graduating thesis at the Maryland Institute College of Art.


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